Integrate Xero into your business workflow

Since 2015, our UK and Hungarian based expert Xero Integration Services team been delivering business critical automated billing, group financial forecasting, ERP and other solutions.

Why integrate Xero with your business systems?

With more than 2 million businesses using Xero worldwide, one of the major reasons it is so popular is the vast selection of pre-built apps in the Xero App Marketplace that help streamline financial processes and get your business systems to talk to each other. These include CRM, stock control, payroll and many others. But there are times when you need a custom integration solution rather than an off-the-shelf app, to make sure it matches your industry related requirements or is tailored to your business because of non-existing matching add-on. That’s when Stellarise steps in. 

Stellarise are an authorised Xero Developer

We’re experts at integrating different business applications with one another having delivered many deep, business critical integrations for our customers since 2015. Our UK and Hungary based Xero Integration Services team have worked with clients to help them benefit from improved business workflows and provide them with new capabilities, e.g. forward cashflow forecasting through combining CRM pipeline opportunities with Xero budgets and actual invoices. Connected apps enable data to flow seamlessly from one to the other; this avoids time wasted rekeying, associated costly mistakes that this creates and a need to switch between various applications.


The benefits of Xero

Work smarter with accessible data in the cloud

Real-time Financial Reporting

Easily integrate Xero with your existing systems through the API

Save time on backup as it's done automatically

Have a system that's always up-to-date and compliant

Automation of data entry

How Stellarise can help

If you use Xero, or are trying to integrate it with the systems that you use to run your business, we have the deep, expert knowledge and technical knowhow to help you unlock its full potential.

To rapidly integrate Xero with any other cloud or on-premise business application that supports an API or direct SQL access, we have developed our own cloud-hosted integration stack. This production-ready stack supports our integration products like Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and XeroCustom integrations leverage this stack so you can benefit from a reliable, managed, cloud-hosted integration service.

As a select member of UK based certified Xero Developer partners, our Xero Integration Services team can intelligently integrate Xero with the systems you currently use, not only saving you time but transforming the way you do business. We’ve helped many of our clients adopt Xero and when they’ve been looking to get even more out of their subscription we’ve integrated it completely into their business workflow.

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If you’re looking for a dramatic increase in efficiency, productivity and service capacity with your existing systems our Integration Services can help.

We’re experts at integrating a wide range of different applications. To find out what opportunities you may have to connect your existing systems, please give us a call on 020 3137 3550 or fill in our contact form.