If your organisation doesn’t already have an IT strategy then it’s important that you get one in place as soon as possible.

A recent article for the IT Jungle noted that having a comprehensive IT strategy and project roadmap to help you as you update the technology at your business will be essential to the success of any IT deployment.

When you formulate a comprehensive strategy, you’ll explore everything from user demand to system risks, as well as looking at how to reduce costs and eliminate redundancy within systems. Doing this at the start of a project will mean that you not only stay on track with the rollout of new technology, but that you don’t spend needlessly on new tech too.

Chris Koppe, IT strategy expert at Fresche, told the publication that even if a business thinks it knows what it needs in terms of IT and technology upgrades, it’s important to dig into this in detail before committing to any changes.

Only by doing this can a business be confident that it’s taking the right approach to its IT upgrade.

There’s another good reason for having a solid IT strategy in place, as ITProPortal pointed out last month: namely that it allows you to be more agile and adapt your business quickly to changing needs.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and large-scale changes to the way in which we work, the news provider suggested that businesses’ first priority should be to align their IT strategy with our ‘new normal’.

It added that maintaining business as usual isn’t enough, and that firms need to also concentrate on improving the quality of their service and exceeding customer expectations.

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