Cybersecurity professionals have become an essential commodity in our everyday lives as they seek to protect our organisations and digital infrastructure. However, the high-pressure job can cause stress and strains on its workforce.

But now a team at the University of Wolverhampton have developed innovative new technology to aid frontline cybersecurity workers, according to the Express and Star.

The programme, ‘CyberMIND: An AI-based platform to help Cyber Security professionals manage, predict and reduce stress’ has been developed by visiting scholar Ellen Kay and Professor Prashant Pillai of Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute (WCRI), and has been given £31,000 funding by Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Ellen Kay said: “Cyber professionals, like frontline soldiers in a war zone, are protecting our organisations and critical infrastructure. And due to cognitive overload, increasing sophisticated attacks and shortage of skilled staff, mental stress is now at an all-time high.”

According to a study (Nominet Stress Survey 2020), 95 per cent of cyber professionals work beyond their contracted hours, and Kay said that the CyberMIND programme will help with this particular issue within the sector.

Throughout Phase 1 of the programme, the team have had to present to a panel of industry experts, investors and government representatives to achieve a level of excellence at each stage.

The Nominet stress survey is open to anyone who works in cybersecurity.

The programme from WCRI aims to provide a wide range of cybersecurity Continuous Professional Development training that will give a much better understanding to businesses of the best methodology to defend their digital infrastructure from cyber attacks.

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