Mrs Sugden knew a thing or two about the power of changing hair colour. But she may not have realised its part in cyber-security.

A strong password should have a minimum password length of 12 to 14 characters, include lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols and be randomly generated. However, this makes for a password that is very difficult to remember.

As an alternative, passphrases or passphrase derived passwords are easy to remember, whilst remaining difficult to crack. The phrase

My grandmother Ethel paid £39 for a blue rinse!

Becomes the passphrase MygrandmotherEthelpaid£39forabluerinse! or if this is too long, the password MgEp£39fabr! using the first letters of each word.

When you need to change the password, change a word in the passphrase:

My grandmother Ethel paid £39 for a pink rinse!

My uncle Bert paid £39 for a blue rinse!

My grandmother Ethel paid £32 for a blue rinse!

The more interesting you make the phrase, the easier it is to remember.