Remote working is the new normal for many businesses, so it is important to ensure that your information is as secure as possible.

As of 22nd September, the government has advised office workers who can work from home to do so. Much like when the first national lockdown was imposed, this has led to an increased reliance on remote working systems and cloud services, and with these comes the risk of security breaches.

Wherever your business is based, IT strategy in London and across the country with a focus on cloud security has become more critical than ever. Here are three first steps to a more secure business.


Teach Staff The Importance Of Security

A business is only as secure as its least secure aspect, and so the best way to generally improve your business security is to ensure there is a strong baseline knowledge.

Do not just teach staff your security protocols but also why it is so vital they follow these data protection principles at all times.

Place your staff front and centre whenever you change your security protocols as well to ensure they continue to use your systems safely.


Upgrade, Update And Patch

Whenever there is an issue with IT security, the cause is often the reliance on an old system that has not been upgraded and updated to ensure it is protected from new threats. Update your systems as much as possible and factor these updates into your business’ workflow.


Focus On Data Protection First

Data protection is an important piece of legislation for helping people understand and control the data that is collected about them. However, it is also a good starting point for managing system security.

Ensure information is secure, encrypted, confidential and traceable within the company.