IT Strategy to Empower Your Growth

Is your current technology delivering the growth you want?

There are few business decisions as critical as the right technology. But how do you move beyond what you have now? And how can you do it with clarity and confidence?

What’s more, with the rapid advancement of cloud technologies, your current systems probably aren’t the best ones to take your business forward. The cloud can deliver amazing benefits, but one size doesn’t fit all – and we recognize that with our consulting approach. That’s why we developed the Stellarise Strategic IT Audit. Our process starts with understanding your business. Only then can we help you move towards the technology you’ll actually need.

Stellarise Strategic IT Audit will enable you to:


Discover what cloud solutions will most effectively improve efficiency


Validate your current thinking


Understand what processes are right to move to the cloud


Avoid common pitfalls


Learn how well protected your business is from todays sophisticated cyber security threats

Our approach

We have a very deep capability to transform businesses with IT. Past audits have led to the following benefits:


Improved team collaboration and productivity through a comprehensive rollout of Microsoft Office 365.


Improved information security with and simplified access control for staff through the Implementation of Identity Management solutions.


Faster access to cloud-based systems with reduced ongoing costs by providing the right internet connectivity solutions.


Increased team productivity through secure anywhere/anytime/any device access to systems.


Improved team productivity through Cloud Application Integration that enable seamless information flows across different cloud systems and silos.

Our clients adopt cloud-based, mobile first strategies so that they save time, get more done in the time available and improve the security of their information. Our Strategic IT Audit could do the same for you.


We work with you to understand your business goals, define and agree the objectives of the audit, clarify the timescales and approach and present our proposal.


We explore your business goals in more depth. We identify the key roles in your team, their pattern of work and technology needs. We work with you to understand how your current systems and technology support these different roles and your business goals.


We survey your staff to understand their views on how current systems and technology support them and perform more in-depth analysis to identify any information security shortcomings.


We present our key findings, covering the issues we recommend you address and the opportunities for technology to save time, improve productivity and better support your business goals. We provide a high-level plan on how to move forwards with budget costings and timescales.

Contact us today and start transforming your business!

 The Stellarise Strategic IT Audit is your start point to understanding the technology you really need for growth – and how to implement it.

By getting to grips with how your business works and your goals, it’s the blueprint to support and underpin your objectives. And, all the while keeping you firmly in the driving seat.

Contact us today – and start making the cloud work for you.