Seven Signals

Your company performance on the move!

The dashboard for business owners to see at a glance their company perfomance on the move based on real-time Xero data!

Xero partners and Apple developers

Together we have the right blend of skills to make a difference to all things IT in your business.


Our main aims stemmed from a lack of clarity in most accounting software, of the important figures that the head of a company needs daily, to understand if they are achieving their goals.

Small business owners, who may not have a firm grasp of accounting concepts, might be overwhelmed by the view of their accounts. We wanted to develop an app that would let them see a defined view of how their company is doing without the need to understand the specifics of accounting: Seven Signals.

What it does

Seven Signals connects you to your chosen, cloud-based accounting software. It removes the stress of searching through overly detailed accounts to get the most pertinent information about your company.

Get a quick, simple, overview of how your company is doing through easy to understand graphs and figures.

Seven Signals allows you to calculate your company’s valuation, based on an algorithm approved by professional accountants.

How we built it

We would say: “with love“. Anyway, the aim of this paragraph is to illustrate what tools we have used.

The app was created using the software development framework Phonegap, which allows multi-platform development using JScript, HTML and CSS. The backend relies instead on Phalcon. Systems come with OAuth2 authentication and our native connections to the Xero API services.

Challenges we ran into

The difficulties developing with a multi-platform software development framework, are the limitations that it provides regarding any particular platform and its native functions.

Thankfully, there are many opens-source plugins available that aim to help bridge this gap between developing natively and developing cross-platform.

On the other hand, shaping and authenticating all the generated traffic allowed us to build a powerful infrastructure also equipped with an OAuth2.0 security. Eventually, we have already integrated this app with our production servers, implementing a sort of federating API authentication across all our services.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Our accomplishments reflect the inspiration behind Seven Signals, in that we believe that the application which we have built will help small to medium business owners, who may not have much experience or knowledge with accounts, in making sure their company is hitting their targets and their company’s valuation is rising steadily.

What’s next for 7S?

From here, we hope to continue developing our app into the most intuitive, friendly and competitive accounting interface possible.

We want our users not only to view their companies current state, but also the state of their company over the next few months. We have been developing an algorithm which will calculate a company’s future, depending on current figures.

We hope to extend our applications capabilities to include every possible cloud-based accounting platform.

We will also offer a real-life videogame based on the Seven Signals information; prepare yourselves to launch challenges, see your sector ranking an much more!

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