How to install Stellarise Connector

How to install the Dynamics Xero Connector
You can install Stellarise Connector and connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Xero in three easy steps to seamlessly move invoices and associated accounts and products that you’ve created from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero.

The three steps you need to complete are:

2. Create a new connection and securely connect to Xero

Once you’ve registered you can setup your connection. You’ll need to create a new connection and click “Connect to Xero” button to allow Stellarise Connector to access your Xero endpoint. More details…

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3. Install the solution and connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Finally, download and install the Stellarise Connector managed solution into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance and connect to your organisation. More details…

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Create an account and register for the free trial

To install the Dynamics Xero Connector, you first need to register for a free trial of the Dynamics Xero Connector. You don’t need any credit card details to register. Fill in your details, agree to the terms and conditions and register for the free trial. You’ll be sent a link in your email to complete your registration and set a password.

Register for the Dynamics Xero Connector

Create a new connection and securely connect to Xero

Once you’ve registered, login at to create a new connection or manage any existing connection settings.

Click on “Create a New Connection” button and select New Dynamics Xero Connector from the dropdown.

Dynamics Xero Connector - no connections setup
Once you have selected New Dynamics Xero Connector, you will be taken to the connection setup page.

In the connection page, the first step is to connect to Xero and give permission for our connector to access your Xero Organisation data. Please note, our connector does not store any financial data coming from your Xero or Dynamics 365 instances, it just syncs the data between the two systems.

Click on “Connect to Xero” button to allow Stellarise Connector to access your Xero endpoint. You will be taken to the Xero login page, where you can login to Xero.

Once you have logged in, you need select the Organisation you want to be synchronised and click on the “Allow access”.
If the connection was successful, you will see your Xero company name and a white tick in a green circle next to “Connect to Xero”.

Download and Install our managed solution into your Dynamics 365

You now need to install our solution into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and set up the connection to point to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Organisation.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file containing our solution, install it into Dynamics 365. To do this, enter your Dynamics 365 Instance and go to Settings >> Solutions as showed in the picture below.
Click on Import to import the solution you’ve just downloaded and follow the installation flow provided by Dynamics 365.

Once our solution is installed into your Dynamics 365 instance, the connection details can be completed on the Stellarise Connector web page: click on the “Connect to Dynamics” button, allow Stellarise App to access your Dynamics Organisation information (as per Xero) and then select your Organisation when requested. Once you select your Organisation from a list – it will flash in a green light once:

Please note, the Dynamics user must have the following permissions:


  1. Invoice entity: read-write
  2. Invoice detail entity: read-write
  3. Product entity: read
  4. System user entity: read
  5. Account entity: read-write
  6. Contact entity: read-write
  7. Stl3_dynamicsxeroconnector entity: read-write
  8. Stl3_brandingtheme entity: read-write
  9. Stl3_chartofaccounts entity: read-write
  10. Stl3_stellariseconnectorsettings entity: read-write

Configure your Connector

At last step, you can set the defaults for the connector as you can see below:

1. Subscription: Select the plan you prefer to run your Stellarise Connector

2. Time Zone: Your Dynamics and Xero Timezone

And then click “Create Connection” button to set up your connection.

A checklist will appear on your right-hand side indicating green ticks for each required step you completed above. If some actions were not completed – it will show an according step and a tip on what needs to be fixed.

Once you ensure you have completed all the required steps – all the ticks will be green. Now your connection is working properly!

You are now all set; your free trial will start once you click “Back to Home” button,  Stellarise Connector Settings in Dynamics link or just a cross to close the pop-up window.

Full documentation for Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero is available at