Case Study

How Stellarise brought IT scalability and confidence to rapidly expanding co-working workspace.



Location: UK

Year founded: 2015


Work.Life is a rapidly expanding provider of amazing co-working workspaces in the UK. Their vibrant and sociable shared offices are designed to change how people feel about their working week and to enjoy coming into the office.

They have a number of sites in the London area with a presence in Manchester and Reading. Further growth is planned in their mission to create a welcoming and inviting environment for work – and life.


With multiple locations each with their own IT in place and the increasing demands of an ever-changing resident base all with different requirements, IT had the potential to be an inconsistent customer experience with time consuming processes and duplications in cost.

Work.Life were looking for a dedicated IT Support Partner upon whom they could rely to implement the right technology and reliably service the needs of their resident members. In particular, as the business grew, they wanted to bring a consistent IT experience that better served the needs of their members and that reflected the Work.Life brand and values.

“We are a small but growing company and we wanted to work with someone that was a comparable size to us where we felt looked after. We also wanted to feel that they had the potential to help us grow and grow with us. That’s what drew us to Stellarise.” 

Luke Parsons

System Ops Manager, Work.Life

Our Solution

Stellarise developed a strategic IT plan which included a range of services tailored to Work.Life’s needs. This was both scalable, complex and flexible and included the following:


24/7 access to a self-service support knowledge base for Work.Life’s resident members and an easy to reach service desk team with three level customer support during working hours


Trusted IT Support team in place with a ticket-based system for logging issues and a secure policy for on-boarding new joiners and off-boarding leavers to minimise unnecessary risks to the business


24/7 network infrastructure monitoring to prevent issues before they occur


SLA’s were put in place to ensure complete peace of mind allowing Work.Life to focus on what they do best : maintaining their commitment to providing a great co-working experience and a quality service to their members around the UK.

Stellarise has also delivered a number of office building technology full fit-outs of over 10,000 square foot, providing Work.Life with a tested and reliable service bringing a consistent process to future locations. This includes A/V (audio/video) systems, telephony, comms rooms and meeting room installation and patching services.

“Our first few offices had separate IT whereas now we have one combined system that really does integrate everything together. It was a case of thinking strategically with Stellarise to make sure that our offices and business are very scalable. If you do things in a smart and efficient way it helps everyone out and provides the usability which has a knock on effect…”

Luke Parsons

System Ops Manager, Work.Life

The Results

As a result of the partnership between Stellarise and Work.Life, all venues now have the highest levels of security for their network and associated data, and their members have access to super fast WiFi and seamless ticketed support.

What’s more, it’s now a scalable and repeatable IT system for the business and the objective to build a working partnership to grow together has also been realised.

“We are at the stage where we can now say – let’s do exactly what we did last time. IT isn’t a big discussion point – we are confident that Stellarise are able to manage the system once it’s been installed. The overall management and scalability that they have brought to us means adding anything new is marginal work – when before it would have been much more involved. It has really simplified our expansion.”

Luke Parsons

System Ops Manager, Work.Life

Technology Stack

Fully functioning office set up without disruption of client’s business operations.

Office set-up, Secure Networking


Scalable and secure IT set-up for UK leading telephony provider.

Office 365 Migration, Server Management