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Periscopix | Merkle

Stellarise strategic development of Periscopix IT infrastructure.


Perisocopix are a great team and good at what they do — so good they’ve won a raft of industry awards as well as The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For awards in 2014 and 2015. And as online marketers with services branching across analytics and search and display advertising, they’re almost as into technology as we are.

We’ve been working with them for many years now, assisting not just in the day-to-day but with bigger-picture strategy as well. Recently, we caught up with co-founder Simon Norris to talk about our relationship.



We first started working with Periscopix about four years ago, and since then we’ve grown with them — supporting their IT needs every step of the way. Simon recalls, “Our company had grown to about 30 or 40 people and I think, like a lot of small businesses, we looked after all the IT stuff ourselves and that was becoming increasingly onerous for us.”

Periscopix had grown rapidly and the limitations of its existing POP based email provider were becoming ever clearer. Email wasn’t stored on a central server, and it was difficult to get it working consistently across Windows laptops running Outlook and various different smartphones running iOS, Android and Windows 8. There were concerns around the backup and security of email, as it was all stored locally on laptops. Although not critical, there were occasions when it would have been useful for teams to send email as one another and have delegation ability.

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Our Solution

Periscopix were looking for an IT Partner and chose Stellarise for their Windows network build out and Office 365 migration with integrated single sign-on with their on-premise active directory. This meant users only had one password to remember to gave them access to all company network resources. It also made user management simpler and improved security as disabling a single network account now prevents leavers from accessing any company resources.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have Stellarise’s knowledge to help us fulfil our objectives. They now manage the routine administration for us and act as our IT Director when we need guidance. Having that combination of strategic advice plus ‘always available’ daily support has been great.”

Simon Norris

Co-founder, Periscopix

The Results

The Periscopix team immediately benefited from a more feature rich email system that was available across all devices. Managing Director Simon Norris chose to deploy Microsoft Office E4 licenses to enable the entire team to have access not only to email, but a copy of Office on up to 5 devices. “This means everyone can be productive both in and out of the office. The migration was carried out very smoothly and I’m particularly pleased that E4 licenses mean we can implement Lync to give us totally integrated communications across Voice, Email, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing and online meetings.”

Editors note: We’re really excited that since originally publishing this, Microsoft have picked up and run with it as part of a national campaign – connected productivity in just a click – with Office 365 for a more in depth and very complementary take on our work with Periscopix!