Case Study

Gold STandard

Customised, cloud-hosted integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero delivered by Stellarise.



Location: Switzerland, India

Year founded: 2003


Gold Standard for the Global Goals is a next-generation standard designed to accelerate progress toward the Paris Climate Agreement. All their projects contribute towards climate security and sustainable development, tackling some of the most important issues facing our planet.

Established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs, they operate in over 80 countries and create billions of dollars of shared value from climate and development action worldwide.


Having recently selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help streamline and manage delivery of their projects and Xero as their accounting system, Gold Standard were looking for a customised integration that could seamlessly share financial, account, contact and funded program information.

It was a flagship project in achieving Gold Standard’s business goals and, despite the complexity across systems, they wanted it to be simple and hassle free.

Our Solution

The Stellarise development team worked closely with Gold Standard in Switzerland and India to rapidly design and then deliver a customised, cloud-hosted integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero that automated the integration of the two systems.

“Stellarise were very helpful throughout the whole project. They quickly understood our requirements and delivered a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that supported what the finance team were looking for.”

Deepak Kumar

IT Manager, Gold Standard

The Results

Since working with Stellarise to design a custom integration, Gold Standard has greatly increased their productivity, allowing them grow without extra resources involved.

“The Stellarise Connector seamlessly moves information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero, eliminating the need to re-key data and ensuring that no mistakes are made. This saves us time and ensures our customers experience a high-quality service.”

Sophie Jordi

Finance Officer , Gold Standard

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