Case Study

Multi Billion-Pound Retail Outlet Provider

A seamless automated system for every stage of the sale and beyond.

  • Location: UK
  • Year founded: 2013
  • Project type: Custom Development


By combining leasing, commercialisation and an online shopping platform, this real estate investment trust has developed some of the biggest and most popular outstanding retail destinations in the UK, with a growing operation in Europe.

 Their portfolio of retail outlets and the space they offer enables world-known brands to increase visibility and footfall, by adding a significant part of the revenue to their participating retailers.



With a number of premium shopping centres across the UK and Europe, a significant part of the business comes from the commercialisation of their space – which they rent to their retail restaurant and leisure clients. But this space only generates revenue when it has occupancy – and when, in turn, the billing runs smoothly.

Externally, the client facing systems have to work with accuracy and ease, internally, the system needs to enable the business to keep a close handle on managing the space and its availability, the sales process, the subsequent billing and the set-up and smooth on-boarding of clients to their physical location.

As the number of shopping centres and enquiries increased, their existing solution, which had a mainly manual approach, became burdensome and time-consuming.

Stellarise were asked to create a new automated solution to manage the process from initial sales lead through to invoice.

 The client is investing heavily in new developments and is spending GBP millions over the next three years – which means that any new sales and billing platform would come with high expectations for delivery.

Our Solution

Our solution manages the process end to end, starting from an initial enquiry. It qualifies the opportunity, provides a quote, turns that into an order that is then billed automatically according to the timeframe that has been sold.

 As a result, very accurate forward revenue forecasting is possible, and this revenue can be easily attributed. This in turn makes identifying top performing sales people extremely easy. As well as the sales reporting, the our systems also support the workflow around the health and safety and legal aspects of the order.

The solution shows a full view of the booking as it progresses through the lead, sales order and invoicing stages. The sales team can easily move the order through each stage at the touch of a button. Varying levels of access were provided – all staff can view the orders and, subject to their responsibility within the company, can move and amend orders and export sales orders into the finance system.

The Results

By providing a real-time view of each booking order, managers and staff now have complete visibility of operations. Our booking system allows for users to easily search to determine the status of any given order, check the space availability, and is integration with Google Maps allows users to enter their address, location or postcode, and the nearest shopping centres are returned with the distance measured in miles. 

Technology Stack