Case Study


Fast and accurate financial reporting for the award winning world-known startup.



Location: UK, China

Year founded: 2012


Kano are an exciting startup on a mission to give everyone a simple, fun way to make and play with technology and take control of the world around them.

Kano design, manufacture and sell computer kits that anyone can make, that demystify technology and let you learn to code.


Having grown rapidly, their operations and financial reporting had become cumbersome. Stock, sales, manufacturing and financial information was held in a variety of systems and spreadsheets. Financial reporting was slow and inaccurate. Stock movements and levels across warehouses were difficult to track. The business was looking to scale further by adding more products and channels (routes to market). Because of the costs of implementation and timescales involved a full-scale ERP solution was out of the question.

Our Solution

After a short project definition stage, Stellarise scoped out a plan to integrate Kano’s custom-built data warehouse with an lightweight cloud-based ERP solution; Unleashed. We designed a custom integration between the data warehouse, Unleashed and Xero that automatically creates sales orders, shipments and invoices in Unleashed and Xero from sales information in the data warehouse. We rolled out Unleashed in China so that the team could use it to manufacturer the kits and accurately track production costs and inventory.

The Results

The results have transformed the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting, supporting them through many thousands of transactions per week. Our custom connector carries out many consistency checks on the data warehouse improving the quality of information that is being reported on. Information in Unleashed and Xero is synced automatically so that financial and operational data are consistent.

Technology Stack

How Stellarise brought IT scalability and confidence to rapidly expanding Work.Life.

IT Infrastructure, Office Set-up


Customised, cloud-hosted integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero.

Custom Integration