Moving to the cloud creates a number of business benefits, from a more mobile and flexible workforce, to increased productivity and wellness. This article looks at how organisations can achieve this and the software and systems that enable it.

The world of work and technology is changing, and that pace of change has already brought huge advantages to the way we work. Today’s productive organisation is created by those who embrace the cloud and mobile working as part of their IT strategy.

This is how we work here at Stellarise and it’s an approach we have introduced for our clients too – enabling optimum productivity as a result.

So, how does it happen?


Collaborating via the cloud

Group collaborations are simple to achieve through the use of software like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and Slack amongst others. Screen sharing can be used to great effect within your company, but can also make collaboration with customers and partners easier as well. You can install a cloud-based VoIP phone system on your laptop or mobile and then call as if you are in the office.

Of course, in order to achieve this you will need to migrate your systems to the cloud but this is a one-off task that, once completed, means you can start to take full advantage of mobility.


How the cloud helps with productivity

There are a number of benefits – and they don’t all take place within the office. There are all sorts of pros associated with running a mobile workforce, with everyone able to access and share knowledge no matter where they are.

Here are some examples:

  • A comprehensive rollout of Microsoft Office 365 will introduce key collaboration technologies into the organisation. One of these is Microsoft Teams – which we are big fans of at Stellarise. It allows us to work as a team on the go, with instant messaging and access to projects we’d normally view in the office. It means that even short spells of downtime on the move can be highly productive.

  • Ensuring the right internet connectivity will enable fast access to cloud-based systems such as cloud-based telephony, bringing a whole new level of quality to online meetings, improving communication and productivity.

  • Providing your staff with secure local and remote access to systems means they can access their conventional office-based information from anywhere as long as there’s a safe internet connection.

  • Cloud Application Integration will ensure that key information flows seamlessly across different cloud systems and silos.

  • Cloud network security brings security as part of a migration to the cloud, ensuring the safety of datawhile remote and mobile working.

Health and wellness benefits

Remote and mobile working also has health benefits, itself a contributor to greater productivity. A recent study, reported on by CNN, found that people should take movement breaks every half an hour and no matter how much exercise you do, sitting in one place for excessively long periods of time remains a health risk.

But with flexible remote working practices in place, delivered thanks to the cloud and connected devices, people are on the move more often and able to take breaks when they want.


Remote and mobile working also has health benefits, itself a contributor to greater productivity.


Cloud working in practice

Our  Stenprop case study shows how we helped this property and technology company embrace the cloud as part of a new IT strategy.

Through a Strategic IT Audit, we carried out a thorough analysis of the company’s infrastructure, identifying possible challenges and risks, and provided Stenprop with more modern and robust networks and systems.

We created a resilient, secure and scalable network, with high-speed internet lines and physical network connectivity, as well as migrating email to Microsoft Office 365 and all existing on-premises business systems to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Many of our clients are now adopting cloud-based, mobile first strategies that dramatically improve collaboration and productivity. Our Strategic IT Audit could do the same for you.


Got questions about the cloud?

Many of our solutions start with a conversation. Clients often have questions about cloud migration and can find themselves spending a lot of time searching for the answers. Once we know what you want to achieve, we can quickly identify the technology you’ll need. From there you are on your way to better systems and productivity.

Stellarise is based in London and Budapest. If you are interested in a pragmatic conversation around your options for cloud computing, cloud services, IT strategy and IT support, we’d love to hear from you.