Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Protect your company data across employee and company owned devices.

Your employees use multiple devices for business purposes – even if you don’t want them to. That means they carry your data everywhere they go and also send and store your data in the cloud via these devices. While this may be convenient and helps productivity, it also carries a security risk. Mobile device management (MDM) is software that allows IT administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on smartphones, tablets and other endpoints.

Stellarise advises clients on MDM, helping to optimise the functionality and security of your employee’s mobile devices while simultaneously protecting your corporate network.


Why use MDM?

It is another form of defence in protecting the security of your organisation and its data. Even with policies in place to regulate the use of personal devices (often called BYOD – Bring Your Own Device), employees have been found to ignore them. They then develop a workaround believing it to be OK as it’s ‘for work’. But, as many data breaches reveal, people (and their lost and stolen devices) are often the weakest link in security. MDM puts the organisation back in control of security.


Who is it for?

Any organisation that wants to better protect its data – which should mean any organisation. Typically that means a level of security that also keeps employees happy by letting them use their own devices for company work.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel that the use of personal mobile devices in your organisation is inconsistent and want to formulate a clear policy backed by software you control
  • You want to prevent malicious intrusion of desktops, laptops and mobile handsets
  • You want any personal devices that access your corporate network to be secure
  • You want to be able to identify those who install unauthorised apps and use them to work on or transfer company data
  • You want to be able to immediately delete all sensitive data if a mobile handset is lost or stolen or if the employee leaves the company.

How Stellarise deliver Mobile Device Management

IT Security is a matter of getting the balance right between making things difficult for a hacker and making things easy for legitimate users. Where that balance lies is very much dependent on the risks your company faces and your attitude to these risks. Both the threat landscape and the technology that protects information are changing rapidly.

MDM gives you great scope to move this balance point and tip it in your favour, giving many options. We help you understand available options, recommend policies appropriate for you, explain how they protect information and the implications, both good and bad, of implementing them.

Access a full range of mobile management capabilities

Stellarise provide an end-to-end mult-platform device security approach that will make a difference to the security of your business mobile working practices.

Contact us today to find more details about how we can optimise your business mobile deviced management.