Microsoft Subscription Management

Minimise Your Microsoft Spend And Optimise Usage

The Flexibility to Choose Options

Microsoft 365 has become the preferred platform for millions of companies worldwide and Microsoft Azure is a logical extension to most server and application environments. 

It has never been easier to subscribe and deliver services. While this has it's  benefits, it also has created a problem of control.  

Stellarise is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with many years of experience in managing Microsoft subscriptions. Our team of experts will evaluate your business requirements and recommend a solution based on the size and usage of your organisation. 

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How Do We Manage Microsoft Subscriptions?

Reduce Subscription Spend

Stellarise provides a clear and simple view of your usage enabling you to have advanced control over subscription management. We will spot unused subscriptions to help you save costs.

Identify Underused Subscriptions

After an investigation of your Microsoft 365 usage, we provide an extensive report. We will identify the subscriptions that have been assigned but only a few applications or features are being used.

Audit Your Licenses

We perform a comprehensive audit of your Microsoft subscriptions to provide information on inactive or unassigned licenses.

Simplify Your Subscription Management

With Stellarise, subscription management becomes much simpler and easily manageable. You can add and adjust subscriptions following user attributes or groups with manual intervention.

Powerful Reporting

You will gain access to exhaustive reports on your Microsoft 365 usage on a monthly basis. We use Microsoft Power BI to provide you information on implementation of updates , and the online status of all current subscriptions.

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