Microsoft Intune

Effectively Managed Your Hybrid Workforce and Mobile Devices

How To Solve The Mobile Device Management Issue

If you have or going to set up for either a remote, hybrid or distributed workforce, you need to find a way to manage devices effectively.

Stellarise will help you migrate to Microsoft Intune - a cloud driven device management service that specialises in Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) as per HR-based policies.

We will assist you in configuring Intune so that you can manage users and devices through rules and scripted policies to secure your network and enforce company security policies whether devices are company provided or not.

Intune gives you the assurance that your organization's data stays secure and also improves your company’s device standards including laptops, tablets, mobile phones.

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Perks Of Using Microsoft Intune

Access Control

You will be able to control how your users gain access to company resources through deployment with conditional access policies to prevent the non-compliant devices from accessing managed applications and company data

One Stop Management

Microsoft Intune applies for all platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS and allows to to manage the devices from a single platform. Intune helps make sure your devices stay protected and can isolate organization data from personal data through encryption.

Device Management

Microsoft Intune provides you the ability for device provisioning and enrollment for Enterprise and BYOD (Bring your own devices). You will be able to automatically install OS updates, manage patches and ensure company standard applications are deployed.

Cost Effective

Due to cloud-based device management you don't have to spend a sizable chunk of your budget on purchasing and maintaining any additional infrastructure.


Intune can isolate organization data from personal data on devices and can prevent unauthorized access. Intune enables you to configure app settings, track app usage , and provides additional security with app protection policies.

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