Microsoft Defender

A Complete Security Solution For Endpoints, Users and Cloud Services

A Leading Security Solution

As security vulnerabilities are becoming more prevalent and persistent, it has become crucial for companies to be protected against them and to be able to proactively prevent, detect and respond to them effectively .We leverage Microsoft Defender and Entra services to bring you the best levels of security protection stance that is designed for your business and your existing Microsoft Suite requirements.

Stellarise helps implement a comprehensive protection approach that prevents , discover sand responds to threats with a bespoke solution covering all aspects from identity to applications, emails, cloud applications, data , and endpoint management. We will ensure that your Microsoft environment keeps functioning without any interruptions.

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Features Of Microsoft 365 Defender

Our team of Microsoft experts will help you in protecting your organisation from all malicious threats posed by email , communication tools, cloud services and apps. We set up key Microsoft Defender features such as automated AI detection , post breach detection , threat source identification , and compromised security blocking.

Features Include

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Perks Of Using Microsoft 365 Defender

Data Security And Governance

Microsoft Defender provides a unified data security and governance solution that secures your network against advanced threats in real time and allows you to proactively respond to vulnerabilities before they pose a threat

Comprehensive User Protection

Microsoft Defender gives IT departments complete visibility over the security protection stance and it also bridges the gap between IT and security administration.

  • Real-time endpoint vulnerability detection and response
  • Linked device vulnerability and security configuration assessment data
  • Built-in remediation process via Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager

Powerful Reports

You can gain complete visibility into and securely manage your data and get a comprehensive report on your security efforts. You will be able to understand your current protection status and analyze the incoming threats.

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