Microsoft Consumption Management

Save While Simplifying Microsoft Subscriptions And Billing

Microsoft Consumption Management

It has never been easier to subscribe and deliver services. While this has it's  benefits, it also has created a problem of control. 

Organisations can be spending a huge amount of their budgets on unused subscriptions or resources and it can be challenging to work out exactly where to save costs.

With our expertise in Microsoft technology we guide you to effectively optimise your Microsoft consumption and reduce costs.

We help you understand your current consumption and advise ways to reduce or optimise your spend.


Tips To Save On Azure Cost

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Reserved Instances

Use Reserved Instances wherever possible (Azure will often recommend). Make sure you are using the correct VM Type for your application.


Use Hybrid licensing wherever possible. Checkexisting EA's or License agreements for Hybrid Use Rightsand exclude software on VM's where possible.


Consider Locally redundant storage (LRS) storage instead of Geo-redundant storage (GRS) storage if data redundancy is already in place elsewhere.

Desktop vs Server

Consider Windows 10/11 editions instead of Windows Server editions wherever possible (especially for multi-session instances)

Shut It Down

Remove services when not in use and set up Run Books to shut down servers when not needed (Eg After work hours).

Tips To Save On Microsoft 365 Cost

Correct Mailbox Allocation

Convert user mailboxes to shared mailboxes after they leave the company. Ensure Resources are not assigned full user mailboxes.

Licensing Saves

Consider Annual NCE licensing instead of Monthly. You can mix annual with monthly licensing on a single Tenant i.e. 80% Annual and 20% Monthly

Check Your Usage

Use the built-in M365 reporting to verify active users and optimise license usage/assignments. or use our free licensing assessment service if you need deeper assistance.

Don't Double Pay

Make sure you aren't paying for Endpoint/AV as well as Mail security solutions when using M365 Enterprise subscriptions


Use in-place archiving with auto-archive policies for user mailboxes before upgrading your Exchange Plan

Don't Delay

Many organisations don't know where to start. We can help you start to save in under 30 days!


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