Microsoft Cloud Audit

Evaluate your Microsoft 365 License Usage

Avoid Cloud Sprawl

Microsoft 365 has become the preferred platform for millions of companies worldwide and Microsoft Azure is a logical extension to most server and application environments. 

It has never been easier to subscribe and deliver services. While this has it's  benefits, it also has created a problem of control. 

We take a practical and pragmatic look at your licenses and subscriptions and find ways to enhance your Hybrid Cloud environment while reducing costs as much as possible.

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Why Is It Important To Audit Microsoft 365 And Azure Subscriptions?

Rationalise Microsoft Licenses & Subscriptions

Due to various services offered by Microsoft , companies end up buying additional licenses for their teams which often remain unused . It is necessary to analyze the usage requirements of your company through an Audit. We will recommend the features and the number of licenses that are fitting for your business needs and also help you save costs.

Smart Reccomendations

We will look at ways to reduce your Azure costs through various mechanisms from changing the type of service subscribed to or simply taking a pragmatic approach and implementing automatic shut down of services when not in use. 

Reduce Duplication

Many customers subscribe to 3rd party technologies such as Security or Device Management, but are not aware they already have industry leading technologies bundled into their current subscriptions. It's not just Office you get...Microsoft 365 is a holistic Modern Workplace solutions to enable and secure your users. 

Powerful Insights And Reporting

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We will provide you actionable insights on usage of all apps.

The detailed report will allow you to understand usage frequency and license allocation so that you are empowered to select the appropriate Microsoft 365 license and ensure you eliminate duplication and unnecessary subscription allocation. 


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