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Starting up a business can be exciting, daunting, liberating and challenging, all at the same time. You’re unsure as to what choices are important now and what you can save for later.

If you need a guiding hand to help you on your journey, we’re your team.


Sales and profits are increasing as the team and customer base grow. You’re looking to standardise operations but being taken in new directions by customers and the challenges of a growing business. Your Information Security management approach is under increasing scrutiny and you want to make sure it supports your approach to GDPR.

Going Global

You’re opening up in new locations and are looking at acquisitions or being acquired. You need to deliver a consistent service across your customers.

Everyone in your team needs access to the right information at the right time regardless of the location, timezone or device they are on.


  • We advise on the right tech for the job, provide cost-effective superfast internet access, rock-solid Wi-Fi and ensure your network is safe and secure.
  • We setup your office with a stylish, clutter-free workspace to maximise productivity and organise and manage the right cloud-based systems like Xero and Microsoft Office 365 to ensure you’re productive on the go and in the office.
  • We provide helpful, fixed-fee, friendly support when you need it, tailored to your needs.
  • We ensure your information is safe, secure and available when you need it. We monitor your network, website and critical systems and fix issues before they become problems.
  • We monitor your network, website and critical systems and fix issues before they become problems.


  • We put in place standard processes around joiners and leavers and ensure your Information Security Management processes are compliant with recognised standards such as Cyber Essentials which helps support you with GDPR.
  • We scale your network out to remote workers and satellite offices, ensure you have identity management solutions in place to consistently manage systems and services across your team.
  • We fit-out your office with well-connected meeting rooms, scalable Wi-Fi and ergonomic workstations.
  • We integrate existing operational systems with the best cloud-based solutions to provide automated marketing and a seamless process from Lead through to Invoice.

Going Global

  • We provide reliable connectivity across your offices, and manage local IT providers to deliver a single technology strategy and a consistent user experience.
  • We provide a strategy to integrate disparate sources of information, replacing systems where necessary to automate and increase the efficiency of your processes.
  • We deliver customer portals to provide online self-service for frequent customer needs, increasing customer delight whilst reducing the burden of support on your team.
  • We integrate your existing operational systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others to provide automated marketing and a seamless process from Lead through to Invoice.

Tailored IT solutions for your industry

Financial Services

At Stellarise, we’re dedicated to providing maximum security IT solutions to financial organisations in order to protect your client’s sensitive infomation around the clock. In addition to cybersecurity, we also offer a number of services to keep your financial services IT infrastructure up to date and running smoothly.

Professional Services

In order to succeed in a highly competitive industry, Professional services organisations must think of a strategic approach for their growth and invest in the latest technologies. Our extensive expertise allows us to deliver tailored and robust IT solutions that will improve your performance and increase your turnover by adapting to the benefits of streamlined business processes.


Whether your organisation deals with real estate, coworking spaces, property investment or property management – we’ve got you covered. As your strategic partner, we will recommend and implement the right IT solutions so that you can benefit from effective setup, streamlined processes and mobile working opportunities and offering your clients the best possible customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.

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