Office Moves – IT Relocation and Fit Out

Drive productivity benefits and ensure you’re up and running on day one.

Why involve Stellarise in your office move?

An office move isn’t just about relocating your IT. It’s an opportunity to make productivity decisions for the business you want to become. So you’ll want the perspective of an IT partner experienced in making it all happen seamlessly. Stellarise will get you there on-time and up and running from day one. We’ll also help you think strategically about the kit you need for today’s highly mobile and cloud based workforce.

Planning for Success

With an office move, there’s a lot to think about – and a lot riding on it too. No one wants day one in their new location with no internet. We take our offices for granted but the reality is that they are complex places, reliant on systems and external suppliers working together. Stellarise brings the reassurance and support from a team that knows how to get it all done – and in what order.

Benefits of a Managed IT Relocation

Project management of all IT aspects during your move

Network infrastructure design and implementation

Cloud migration to modernise your way of working

Ensured maximum business continuity

Full asset tracking

Who is it for?

You might be the business owner, the IT Manager, Office or Facilities Manager or perhaps a Project Manager tasked with managing all aspects of the move. You will want to be productive right from the start without disruption to your team or customers.

Your office move to-do list might include:

  • Planning new internet connectivity
  • Planning and installing a high speed fixed and wireless network
  • Making decisions about your servers – is now the time to migrate systems to the cloud?
  • Meeting the needs of your mobile workforce
  • Making decisions on workstations, monitors and ergonomic desk solutions
  • Scoping your telephony
  • Dismantling and reinstalling your existing IT
  • Finding a supplier that can support you when you’re done.

With every decision you’ll want to be sure that you understand the very latest developments. And when you have all that sorted, there’s the small matter of the move itself.

Want a bit more detail on all of this? That’s why we’ve created our Office Moves IT Checklist for Growing Businesses. Written to help you get your move underway, it will increase your knowledge and reduce the stress.

How we move your office IT

We start from the perspective of having done this for a number of clients across multiple locations. We know that no two moves are alike and to expect the unexpected. Fortunately, we have the experience to identify and avert any pitfalls. We create a plan that comes with the reassurance of our strategic approach.

We help you think ahead and then future proof your new office. It makes far more sense to do this at the outset, rather than retrofit additional kit you didn’t consider at the time.


What our clients say

“Stellarise have been great at identifying where we might be in the next 2-5 years. It’s very important to have IT that will work down the line and grow with us and Stellarise have a consultative approach and strategic vision as well as always being there for us on a day-to-day basis. We have every confidence that as we grow, they’ll have the solutions we need. They definitely take the stress away and help us run our business efficiently with no interruptions. In a small business you have to multi-task so for this to be taken off our plate, it’s been invaluable.”

Associate Partner, Risk Management Advisory

We can make that happen for you!

There is a lot to consider when it comes to IT office moves. But with Stellarise managing your IT relocation this is not the case. From inspecting a new site to ensuring minimal disruption to your IT infrastructure, we’re focused on letting you be in control of your business whilst we take care of the rest.


To discuss your move or get an advice, please get in touch!