The Periscopix Story

Perisocopix are a great team and good at what they do — so good they’ve won a raft of industry awards as well as The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For awards in 2014 and 2015. And as online marketers with services branching across analytics and search and display advertising, they’re almost as into technology as we are.

We’ve been working with them for many years now, assisting not just in the day-to-day but with bigger-picture strategy as well. Recently, we caught up with co-founder Simon Norris and office manager Dinah Musisi to talk about our relationship.

How things began

We first started working with Periscopix about four years ago, and since then we’ve grown with them — supporting their IT needs every step of the way. Simon recalls, “Our company had grown to about 30 or 40 people and I think, like a lot of small businesses, we looked after all the IT stuff ourselves and that was becoming increasingly onerous for us.”

Not yet big enough to staff an entire IT department but large enough to need full-time IT assistance, Periscopix found that they could rely on us to help them when things went wrong. Dinah says, “We’re rapidly growing and if you don’t have a decent support mechanism like Stellarise then it kind of makes everything fall apart. Stellarise offer us a good support service that you can trust.”

That trust is essential — for a business that spends most of its time online, Periscopix need the sort of quick-fire fixes that we can provide.

“[With Stellarise] we always have people available to do desktop support, we don’t have issues with in-house people being on vacation or off ill for example”, says Simon. “Stellarise are the people who jump on people’s laptops solve the issues so they can get back to their working day,” adds Dinah.

The bigger picture

As we’ve gotten to know the Periscopix team, and their business, we’ve been able to provide more than just tech support, and now help them get the most out of their IT infrastructure. While support is an integral part of what we do, the bigger picture stuff — planning for the future, ensuring the scalability of systems, managing upgrades and new technology — is just as important in our relationship.

“We depend on Stellarise completely for all our IT support. That includes lower level activities, so day to day assistance with user problems, but also on the more strategic development of our infrastructure — so helping us to develop our backup systems and really making sure that everything is appropriate to the growing size of the business,” says Simon.

A powerful partnership

Ultimately, our relationship with Periscopix is built on trust and dependability — they know that our work is focused on keeping their business running quickly and competitively, not just now, but as they continue to grow and evolve. On our side, we’re lucky to have a great client that benefits from and appreciates our work. With all our eyes on the horizon, the future is certainly looking bright.

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