“I’m really impressed with how quickly this all happened. It’s saving my team a lot of time as we no longer have to manually enter and reconcile invoices.”

Sarah Crabb

Financial Controller, Looking Glass

Looking Glass provides agencies and brands with unrivalled experience of impactful experiential marketing space in high footfall, long dwell-time destinations across the UK.

End to end Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Xero integration

Having recently selected Xero the market leading cloud based, small business accounting software as their accounting system, they wanted to integrate Phoenix, their custom experiential marketing platform built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to provide automation of leads through to invoicing. They called on our Xero to Dynamics Integration expertise to provide a seamless end-to-end experience.

Sarah Crabb, Financial Controller of Looking Glass reported “I’m really impressed with how quickly this all happened. Stellarise started work with us in mid September, and by the end of the month we were sending invoices to our Xero test system. We ironed out all the glitches in early October and went live in the middle of the month. It’s saving my team a lot of time as we no longer have to manually enter and reconcile invoices.”

Laszlo Molnar, lead engineer comments “We’d already completed integrations with Xero before, and were able to use our custom tools to deliver a solution really quickly. We’ve been able to use these tools to link applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a legacy apps such as Agresso and Web 2.0 solutions like Highrise CRM.

Get your 30 day free trial on the new cloud hosted Dynamics Xero Connector

Dynamics Xero Connector quickly syncs invoices, payments and accounts between your Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise or in-cloud and Xero systems.

Find out more about Looking Glass at http://www.lookingglassexperiential.com 
Find out more about Xero at http://www.xero.com 

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