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Custom network monitoring and management

At the heart of our network monitoring and management is our custom developed network monitoring system that collates all tens of thousands of data points and intelligently alerts our team to the key issues that need urgent attention.

Round the clock monitoring

Servers and network resources are tracked and monitored around the clock and we track both Critical and Lead Indicators.

Critical Indicators

Critical Indicators tell us when something isn’t right and it is likely to be affecting your service right now. For example, your web site or broadband is no longer responding. In many cases our systems are smart enough to automatically attempt a repair operation without our intervention, meaning any impact is kept to the absolute minimum. In other cases, we can be en-route to fix a problem like a firewall outage before you even knew you had a problem.

Lead indicators

Lead Indicators tell us something is likely to stop working unless we intervene. We track things like disks about to fill up and the computer processor running too high for too long. In most cases we will fix the problem in the background without you ever even knowing there was one.

Our systems and processes mean we can act on common causes of system downtime and eliminate them before they ever become an issue, keeping things running and maximising the time that your business stays effective.

We depend on Stellarise completely for all our IT support. That includes lower level activities with user problems, but also for the more strategic development of our infrastructure; really making sure that everything is appropriate to the growing needs of the business.

Simon Norris

Co-Founder, Periscopix

Total IT Network Management from just £299 per month

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Our comprehensive outsourced IT support keeps hundreds of our clients in business every day. Why not join them?

Cloud Services

Transform your business with our cloud services and empower your staff to work more effectively, efficiently and securely.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having robust and secure backup and disaster recovery strategy and processes is critical to the wellbeing and success of your business.

IT Strategy

Our clients trust us to provide realistic, innovative and powerful strategies that support their businesses as they develop and grow — after all, we’ve grown with them.

Custom Development

A few small tweaks to the systems you use every day can provide a dramatic increase in efficiency, productivity and service capacity.

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