Dynamics Xero Connector

Robust, reliable, configurable Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero integration

Stellarise Connector quickly syncs invoices, payments and accounts between your on-premise/in-cloud Microsoft Dynamics CRM or 365 and Xero systems.

An Intelligent Connection

SmartConnect intelligently moves the right information from Microsoft Dynamics to Xero, allowing you to mix and match Existing products alongside Write-In products in each invoice. Choose whether you want Dynamics to create new Xero contacts, or only push through invoices for those existing already. Similarly you can choose if you want Dynamics to create new Xero Items, or only create an invoice if these exist already.

Easy to Manage

Never be left in the dark as to why an invoice failed to make it through to Xero. Built-in Dynamics Dashboards give you full visibility on any sync issues putting you in control so you can resolve them.

Fully Customisable

Our easily configured standard plans are suitable for most users. But if you have custom fields in Dynamics that you want to sync across to Xero, no problem, Stellarise Connector can cope. Contact us to discuss your custom configuration requirements and we can quickly customise your template to sync anything you need.

How does it work?

Stellarise Connector is a secure, robust and reliable cloud hosted service that takes invoices you’ve created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM on-premise or in-cloud and pushes them automatically into Xero without any re-keying. It intelligently moves the right information from Microsoft Dynamics to Xero, allowing you to mix and match Existing products alongside Write-In products in each invoice. The built-in Dynamics Dashboards give you full visibility on any sync issues, putting you in control so you can resolve them. When the invoice is pushed into Xero, you can choose to create associated Accounts and Products from Microsoft Dynamics as well. When the invoice is fully paid in Xero, it is automatically marked as paid in Microsoft Dynamics.

What if you have custom fields in Dynamics that you want to sync across to Xero? No problem! Stellarise Connector can cope. We’re approved Xero Developers and can create a custom connection for you based on your own unique requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can quickly customise a template to sync anything you need.

Watch the video and see it in action.

Plans and Pricing

Choose from Basic, Enterprise plans depending on the number of users and your support needs. To change the billing to your preferred currency, click on the flag.

Connect MS Dynamics CRM to Xero in 15 minutes

2. Download our certificate and securely connect to Xero

Once you’ve registered you can setup your connection. You’ll need to download our certificate and create a secure connection to the Xero api. More details…

Watch and learn how to securely connect to Xero

3. Download and Install our managed solution into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Finally, to connect to Microsoft Dynamics, you need to download and install the Stellarise managed solution and enter in credentials for a user account that our service can connect with. More details…

Watch and learn how to securely connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The results were really impressive. Dynamics Xero Connect works brilliantly. As a bonus the improved information on the invoices means my customers now have far more meaningful invoices which should lead to fewer queries and faster payment. If there are problems with transferring invoices across, then it’s easy for my team to diagnose and correct. Before we were just left in the dark.

I’m very happy to recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable, flexible way to integrate Microsoft Dynamics and Xero”. Kerry Burn

CEO, 848 Holdings Limited

“I’m really impressed with how quickly this all happened. It’s saving my team a lot of time as we no longer have to manually enter and reconcile invoices.” Sarah Crabb

Financial Controller, Looking Glass Experiential

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get started?
Straight away! You can easily set yourself up a live connection between your Xero and Microsoft Dynamics instances in about 15 minutes. Use the 30 day free trial offer to see if it covers what you need without risk.
How do I install Dynamics Xero Connector?
Please follow these three easy steps to quickly get up and running with Dynamics Xero Connector in 15 minutes.
I have more than one Xero company. Can I choose which company my Microsoft Dynamics invoices are sent to?
Yes! We have designed the Dynamics Xero Connector to support multiple Xero companies from a single Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. You will need to setup one Dynamics Xero Connector connection for each company you wish to connect to in Xero.
I have customized Microsoft Dynamics. Can I send my custom fields data to Xero?
Yes. By building a customised template we can send practically any information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Xero. Please contact us to discuss your requirements – we can turn around custom connections very quickly.
My sales team aren’t very careful when creating opportunities and often create duplicate Accounts. Can I prevent these from going automatically into Xero?
Yes. All versions allow you to choose whether or not Dynamics Xero Connector will create accounts automatically that don’t exist in Xero, or only send invoices if the Account has already been created.
How do I know if all the invoices have been sent successfully to Xero?
A new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dashboard is provided which shows the status of all invoices that are due to be sent to Xero. Any errors that occur when an invoice is sent are tagged against it, so that you can easily see what caused it to fail. This might happen for example if you have configured Dynamics Xero Connector to only send invoices if the Account already exists, but the Xero Contact doesn’t already exist.
Do you hold any invoice details?
No. Our service (which is hosted across redundant, UK based data centres) processes invoices that are ready for sending and then sends them onto Xero, creating a draft invoice. We do not store any invoice details.
I've started the trial but I can't get invoices to go from Dynamics to Xero. What am I doing wrong?
In order to send an invoice from Microsoft Dynamics to Xero you need to ensure that the following are set on the Dynamics Invoice:

  1. The DynamicsXeroConnector you have created is selected.
  2. The Invoice export status is set to No.
  3. The Date Delivered must be today or earlier.

Once you have set these values on an invoice, then they will be picked up automatically by the connector and sent through to Xero. If there are any problems with the sync process, these will be reported by appending a note to the Dynamics Invoice which was attempted to be synchronised.

I've installed the plug-in and I've created a connection which appears to be working. But I can't see the connection name in Dynamics.
If you’ve just installed the plug-in in Dynamics, and have created your first connection, you will need to wait a few minutes before you can see your connection in the Invoice in Microsoft Dynamics  – normally this should appear within five minutes. You may need to refresh your web browser for it to appear.
You haven't answered my question!
If we’ve not answered your question, then please get in touch. We’d be very happy to help.
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