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If you’re planning your next stage of growth, looking to reduce operational expenditure, or just want to understand how our support can expand your business’s potential, we can help.

Bridge the gap between IT and Business

Founded on practical experience and comprehensive technical knowledge, we deliver an IT Strategy to bridge the gap between IT and business to make the most of your investments and ensure your systems are up to the challenge of meeting your changing objectives. We cover:

Backup and disaster recovery assessment

We can pinpoint potential risks to your operational systems — before they become problems — and help you mitigate against them.

Technology selection and implementation

We’ll give you the confidence to make the right decisions when purchasing and deploying the technology that underpins your business.

Key process automation

We can identify the areas of your business where automation would boost efficiency and lower costs, then help you implement solutions to do just that.

Key performance indicators

We’ll help you to identify the metrics that matter for organisational performance and let you track them easily with at-a-glance management dashboard solutions.

An IT Strategy for success

Our aim is to provide strategic IT solutions that offer your business a roadmap to success. By detailing the process, customer, staff, stakeholder and system impacts, major tasks and risks for each step, we provide a powerful strategic plan to help you realise your goals.

“By working with Stellarise we’ve created a pathway to get outside, to optimize our performance, minimize our cost and maximize our position in front of our customers.

We could not operate successfully without their partnership.”

Brian Berry

Chairman, MRFS Group

What we do

IT Support

Our comprehensive outsourced IT support keeps hundreds of our clients in business every day. Why not join them?

Cloud Services

Transform your business with our cloud services and empower your staff to work more effectively, efficiently and securely.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having robust and secure backup and disaster recovery strategy and processes is critical to the wellbeing and success of your business.

IT Strategy

Our clients trust us to provide realistic, innovative and powerful strategies that support their businesses as they develop and grow — after all, we’ve grown with them.

Custom Development

A few small tweaks to the systems you use every day can provide a dramatic increase in efficiency, productivity and service capacity.


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