Custom Development and Integration

While technology is increasingly essential to most businesses, many don’t realise that a few small, custom development tweaks to the systems they use every day can provide a dramatic increase in efficiency, productivity and service capacity.

Custom Development: The bridge between IT and business

Our custom development service offers the opportunity to revolutionise the way you work by building systems that are designed around your business. Your email and accounting software may work perfectly but what if you could get them to talk to each other, automatically emailing your customers when they owe or pay an invoice? Or what if you could set up your phone systems to automatically SMS your clients when one of your team is on their way? If you ever find yourself thinking, “if only our technology could do this…”, then we’re the people to make it happen.

Real-world results

With years of practical market experience under our belts, we understand how much businesses rely on their IT infrastructure and how they can benefit from optimising it. We’ll take the time to get to know your business, services and products, customers and processes, and provide realistic solutions, found˙ed in real-world knowledge, that get much more out of your tech.

Complete systems, custom designed

While every business is different, standard software packages can seem awfully similar if you’re looking for specialised functionality. We can deliver custom-built IT solutions that meet your exact needs, tailored to optimising your processes and streamlining workflow.

Big wins from small tweaks

Even if your business doesn’t need an entire bespoke package, we can still inject some custom developed magic into your workplace. By integrating with existing off-the-shelf software we can deliver big, cost-effective wins to your operational efficiency, helping you get the most of the technology you use every day.

Zapier Connects 100’s of Apps

For near-instant integration we are big fans of Zapier, which can connect hundreds of different apps. You may find apps you’re currently using such as Mailchimp, Twitter and Salesforce are already covered. But, although Zapier is easy to use, it does have its limitations. The good news is that we can pick up where Zapier stops with custom development. So for example, we can integrate Xero with core business systems that don’t have a Zapier interface, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, or require a workflow with more complex logic. With Zapier and custom development, we’ve given our customers even more productive ways of responding to the fluidity of business invoicing and accounting.

“Stellarise are very thorough, they will ask a lot of questions, they will really try and understand the process that we’re trying to solve. They don’t just look at what we’ve gone to them with and say can we do this, they take it way beyond that.” Helder Miguel

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A few small tweaks to the systems you use every day can provide a dramatic increase in efficiency, productivity and service capacity.

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