Backup and Disaster Recovery

Powerful range of backup and disaster recovery services

With companies increasingly relying on electronic documents and online technology to perform core everyday tasks, having robust and secure backup and disaster recovery strategy and processes is critical to the wellbeing and success of your business.
We offer a powerful range of backup and disaster recovery services that can be tailored to your needs for maximum protection at minimal cost. Whatever your requirements, we can work with you to build a package that you can depend on.

A robust recovery plan

At Stellarise, we can build a virtual copy of your IT infrastructure that means no matter what happens to your office or your data, it’s always safe and accessible. No stop-gaps or emergency measures — just business as usual.
While recovering lost data from drives can be lengthy and complicated, our cloud backup service means you can be back up and running in just a few hours. Better than that, because we’re able to capture your entire IT system, you won’t lose essential file and application permissions or have to reinstall and reconfigure software either.
As you won’t have to worry about backup, duplicate hardware, our cloud backup also offers great benefits when it comes to your budget, providing greater security and flexibility than traditional options at a fraction of the operating and maintenance cost.

No costly frills — just what you need

Of course, you might not need to virtualise your entire office — maybe just critical data such as accounting files, email or custom-built or core software. That’s why when we meet with you, we’ll go through every aspect of how your business works and craft a detailed plan that provides peace of mind as well as peace of budget.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having robust and secure backup and disaster recovery strategy and processes is critical to the wellbeing and success of your business.

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