Xero to hero

We’re big fans of Xero at Stellarise — for us, it’s right on the money. Little surprise it’s now one of the market leaders in cloud-based, small business accounting. Standing true to the slogan of “beautiful accounting”, Xero features clean, intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use but comprehensive functionality, and a range of extras including mobile apps. Most impressive though, is Xero’s approach to data, generating up-to-date reports at the touch of a button, providing business owners with a wealth of powerful information.

This point was really brought home to us in a recent conversation with one of our clients. He enthused that while his previous system was reporting where the business was at months ago, Xero was bang up to the second. But what if it could be even better?

Xero integration

Many of our clients have been keenly adopting Xero and reaping the benefits and we’ve helped some get even more out of their subscription with a canny bit of integration. Xero is typical of the new breed of online apps in that it has a comprehensive API. This means that other apps can access its data (securely of course) and use it themselves. In addition, integration platforms like Zapier let you easily build connections, or Zaps, between these apps, so, for example, when you win a Deal in Highrise CRM, a new account record is automatically created in Xero.

Zapier Connects 100’s of Apps

Zapier can connect hundreds of different apps — and you may find apps you’re currently using such as Mailchimp, Twitter and Salesforce are already covered. But, although Zapier is easy to use, it does have its limitations. The good news is that we can pick up where Zapier stops with custom development. This allows us to integrate Xero with core business systems that don’t have a Zapier interface, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or require a workflow with more complex logic. With Zapier and custom development, we’ve given our customers even more productive ways of responding to the fluidity of business invoicing and accounting.

Turning up the power

Integrating Xero with MS Dynamics CRM has produced some powerful results for our clients. Building a time-saving, automated system that intelligently manages invoicing from early lead generation all the way to final sale has transformed one client’s business, and has led to benefits in every function of the organisation — marketing, sales, sales operation and finance.

Not only has this rescued the client’s team from hours spent manually entering and reconciling invoices, it has enabled them to more effectively pursue prospects and capture more accurate data on their work and cash flow.

Xero integration with MS Dynamics CRM also allows our clients to plan more strategically for the future, enabling robust and comprehensive forward revenue forecasts by managing recurring invoices.

How Stellarise can help you

If you use Xero, or are trying to integrate it with the systems that you use to run your business, we have the deep, expert knowledge and technical knowhow to help you unlock its full potential. By intelligently integrating Xero with the systems you currently use, we can not only save you time — we can transform the way you do business.

How can Custom Integration can help your business?