The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we all work and highlighted many gaps in cybersecurity as the workforce transitioned to remote working.

We all should be preparing for the future of cybersecurity, and experts have been predicting the threats we could be facing in the coming year. We have a look at some of the predicted cybersecurity trends for 2021.


More complex social engineered attacks

Social engineered cyber attacks are a major trend for hackers, as the pandemic grants them many lucrative opportunities. In 2021 we could see scammers using ‘free COVID-19 tests’ to dupe users into providing personal information, as well as ‘government approved’ apps and technology to infiltrate computer systems.


Attacks on the ‘new normal’

It will take some time for individuals and organisations to adjust to a new normal in 2021, which will result in cybercriminals taking advantage by targeting home devices as workers return to the office while still working from home some days of the week.


A focus on automation and efficiency solutions

Businesses will be striving to keep operations going, meaning they will be focusing on increased efficiency in security technologies. IT and security teams will be asked to do more with fewer resources, leading to automation playing a significant role in terms of security innovation.


Staying safe online

Concerns over contact tracing and other government invasions of personal privacy will lead to a new desire by the public for ways to identify organisations with which they connect online and for assurances of the security of the connected devices in their everyday lives, including connected cars, homes, buildings, websites, emails, etc.

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