Many businesses in the UK and elsewhere around the world suddenly found that they had to adapt to having a large proportion of their workforce, if not everyone, working remotely.

This posed challenges not only for staff, who had to adapt to working from home, but also for IT teams who had to make sure that all the systems were working as they should be and that they were secure.

However, Ciso Mag recently shared the findings of a survey by Promon, which found that two-thirds (66 per cent) of UK staff have not received any training on cybersecurity in the past 12 months.

As a result, there are concerns that some organisations may have their cybersecurity compromised by staff who don’t follow correct protocol. For instance, the survey found that around 61 per cent of people use personal devices while working from home.

The report said that cybercriminals are “taking advantage of decreased levels of security on personal devices connected to corporate networks, with successful attacks ringing alarm bells for employers whose sensitive corporate data is now at risk”.

Meanwhile, Enterprise Times recently shared the findings of a survey conducted by (ISC)2, which revealed that stretched IT teams were using cybersecurity staff to carry out other tasks. In fact, some 47 per cent of cybersecurity professionals said that they’d been taken off security duties in order to work on other IT-related issues in recent months.

This is likely to be weakening organisations’ cybersecurity, the news provider noted.

If you’ve found that your IT department is being stretched during this time, look at the options for IT support in London and elsewhere to take some of the pressure off and ensure that all of your systems continue to operate at their maximum capacity.