Email and Website Security Audit

Boost Email and Website Security

Email and Website Security Audit

As remote working and virtual business become more prevalent, securing your website data and email technology is becoming increasingly important.

We will uncover any issues or vulnerabilities in your On-Premises Exchange or Exchange Online and identify potential risks that need to be addressed.

Additionally, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the health, security, performance, and effectiveness of your website. 

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Email Audit Outcomes


We will implement DMARC for email authentication and policy distribution. This will provide you with information on message validation and allow you to set policies and protocols to prevent domain spoofing.

Suspicious Activity Alert

We will provide you with an alert system to report any unrecognized or unusual activity such as creating a new user account or suspicious email forwarding so that you can validate the authenticity.

Phishing Attack Security Training

We partner with KNOWBE4 specialists which allows us to conduct security awareness training and set up simulated phishing attacks so that we can take preventive action at an early stage.

Office 365 Recommended Configuration Analyzer (ORCA)

We run give you a report that highlights known configuration issues and suggests improvements that can impact your email security posture. 

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Website Diagnostic

We will uncover any hidden vulnerabilities in your website systems, leaving no stone unturned.

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