Cyber Security Audit

Get Cutting-Edge Security And Compliance, And Uncover Cyber Security Risks

For whom is This Audit Designed For?

A Cyber security audit becomes an essential practice for organisations who have not assessed the potential security breaches, external threats and loopholes.

It is also beneficial for businesses who have recently expanded their operations due to which they have had to integrate several applications to prevent the hackers from breaching their network.

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Key Factors for Cyber Security

Data Security

Risk of data loss and privacy is an ever increasing concern for growing businesses. We will analyze your security management protocols to help you identify any critical issues pertaining to your data including data mishandling, undesired access of data , and unforecasted data deletion. 

Cyber Security Risk Management

Due to gaps and mismanagement in security governance, it has become crucial for businesses to implement Cyber security risk management to protect their data, systems, networks, and digital assets.

Phishing Attack Security Training

We partner with KNOWBE4 specialists which allows us to conduct security awareness training and set up simulated phishing attacks so that we can take preventive action at an early stage.

Training and Awareness

Employees tend to be the weakest link in maintaining an organization’s security structure. We will demonstrate all relevant processes that are imperative to ensure the Cyber Security of your business and also train your staff on interpreting potential threats.

End-to-End Encryption check

To protect your messages from tampering, End-to-end encryption (E2EE) check is vital. It is a communication process that prevents any third parties from accessing the data and the contents of message are only visible to the sender and the receiver.

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