Customer Portals

Transform and enhance your customer experience and reinforce your brand by delivering a personalised and secure customer portal.

Online portals allow customers to connect with your business through a specially designed website. It brings together all the information you want to share into one single point. As the name suggests, it’s a portal into your services and products and you decide what it contains to create a highly personalised customer experience and enhance your brand online.

Why build a Customer Portal?

A customer portal is the perfect way to better engage and satisfy your clients and give you a competitive edge. It helps streamline operations internally (by channeling common enquiries and service requests into your systems automatically) and improve communication (for example through automated status updates) while remaining cost-effective.

By supporting your customers with online access to services and products through integration with existing operational systems, CRM, MRP or accounting software, you can better serve your customers at times that suit them opening the possibility of extending the reach of your business to new markets and help customers save their time as they can efficiently work with you as you’ve automated and removed manual intervention.

Customer Portal can deliver value at almost all of stages of the Lead through Payment journey in many different ways for different businesses as shown below.

The ease of finding information means you can enhance customer relationships and give them exactly what they want. It supports your brand too – no more multiple logins or frustrating Google searches. Users know exactly where to go for what they need.

The web-based nature means important information can be retrieved regardless of location and time and the organisation has the ability to setup different permissions relative to the user’s level of access. You decide who sees what.

Customer portal features at a glance

Fully scalable solutions that are designed to evolve as you grow

Increased responsiveness by granting direct 24/7 access to your services - whenever and wherever it's needed

Integrated with your existing systems with ease through the API

Powerful insight reports to analyse customer behaviour

Increased employee efficiency with automated processes while maximising customer satisfaction

Enforce your company branding through personalised interface

Who are Customer Portals for?

The development of a Customer portals is key milestone in the digital transformation of businesses. What was previously reserved for larger businesses, like the banking and insurance sectors that have enthusiastically adopted Customer Portals is now being embraced by smaller more nimble businesses.

How might a customer portal help you?

  • You want to strengthen your brand and enhance customer relationships through a personalised user experience.
  • You want your customers to be able to quickly find what they need with accurate search and navigation.
  • You want to build a sense of community and share the right information so you can engage with multiple audiences.
  • You want to save time with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use.
  • You are looking for a secure technology driven solution to grow your business and that can scale with it.

How Stellarise delivers Customer Portals to your business

Whether you run a small company or a large business, we can help you improve your business productivity while saving you time and money. At Stellarise, we can help your business embrace operational and trading improvements by delivering customer and self-service portals tailored to your specific business requirements, with comprehensive proven functionality. Our consultative approach to software development and extensive understanding of vertical markets creates personalised and cost-effective business solutions. Together we’ll  keep you ahead of your industry competition.

Let’s talk portals!

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