A new survey of international organisations has found that, although many businesses show a high awareness of cyber security, around half are unprepared for cyber attacks.

SC Magazine UK highlighted the research from NTT, which found that only 58 per cent of the organisations questioned had a formal cyber security policy in place.

What’s more, 42 per cent of UK respondents to the survey said they were not confident that their critical data is secure. This is despite over 90 per cent of businesses in the UK stating that strong cyber security is more important than growing revenue and profit in the next 12 months.

Small businesses in particular are struggling to attract the necessary talent to implement their cyber security policies and keep data safe.

Maxine Holt, enterprise technology research director at Ovum, a UK-based cyber security firm, told the news provider that businesses need to take the right approach to security.

“Security is not a do-once project. It is a culture, an approach, an ethos in an organisation. UK companies should pay more than lip service to security,” she asserted.

An article for IT Pro Portal recently pointed out that businesses of all sizes need to constantly be assessing their technology infrastructure to ensure that they’re safeguarding their assets and information.

The news provider pointed out that one of the challenges for UK companies is that there’s no single cyber security law within the UK. Instead, there are various laws that impose cyber security obligations on companies, as well as additional legislation for businesses operating in specific industries.

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