Billing and Payment Process Automation

Automate and centralise your billing and payment processes across all your services and get paid sooner.

By automating the Billing & Payment Process from invoice creation through to payment collection you remove the opportunity for human error and create a faster and more reliable process. That’s better for customers and, thanks to the faster payments it generates, it’s better for your business too.

Automate your business for the Lead-to-Cash Process

Billing and Automation Process Automation – why bother?

Even with modest monthly invoicing volumes, without automation there’s a very good chance that your current manual process is putting your business at risk. When it comes to your billing process, time really is money. The faster you bill, the faster you get paid. It also frees up your time and resources to focus on productivity while reducing costs through cheaper transactions and fewer customer queries.

We see automationas far more than a process improvement, it’s a strategic move. It clears the deck to focus on growth and revenue generating activities. But it’s not only the time it gives you back – it’s the data it generates. By moving to automated payments you can better understand, predict, and forecast cashflow.

Automation enables solid financial planning and makes it easier to keep track of the organisation’s financial performance. It gives the finance team the tools to make a big impact on performance. It’s a smart move all-round.

Features of Automation

Save cost and time to focus on more strategic actions

Reduce effort in producing invoices, no costly mistakes

Cloud-based and so securely accessible by your team or outsourced accounting provider anywhere in the world

Integrate with cloud-based payment providers to get paid faster

Keep your existing finance systems (e.g. not disruptive)

Reduce time to cash - get paid faster

Who is Automation for?

Businesses of every size benefit from billing automation. If you recognise some of these objectives, billing and payment process automation is something you should definitely consider.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your business systems can’t create invoices directly and they’re produced through a manual process.
  • You have a high volume of invoices and you want to collect money automatically and faster.
  • You have complex billing logic which your current systems can’t handle or require manual steps and checking.
  • You have multiple systems that hold billing or metering information that can generate invoices and want to apply rules to these systems to generate invoices.
  • You want a cloud-based service that’s secure and accessible by your team or outsourced accounting provider anywhere in the world.
  • You are looking for a billing solution that’s scalable as you grow – with ongoing maintenance and customer service.

How Stellarise delivers automation to your business

Whether you run a small company or a large business, we can help you improve your business productivity while saving you time and money.

As you trusted strategic partner, Stellarise will work with you to develop a powerful and tailored solution that automates routine tasks, tracks data across multiple revenue streams and delights your customers.

Our process takes you from defining your current billing system and designing a new automated process – right through to the confidence that you have a robust solution in place.


Map out how your invoices and payments are currently handled; systems and processes.


New process and methods; how billing is to be automated and payments collected automatically. Leveraging our years of experience and use of tools like Stripe, GoCardless and accounting system integration.


Build cloud-based solution for you. Or on-prem, if required.



Test and then deploy to production.


Save time, get paid quicker and relax.

What our clients say

“Embracing automation has given us better control over business operations and our ability for growth. The automation project delivered by Stellarise not only allowed us to shrink the data collection time to a spectacular 10 minutes, but also reduced the likelihood of costly mistakes whilst manually entering data twice.”

Yvon Quiban, Spambrella

We have the solution!

If you want to obtain a highly automated, lower cost process that greatly streamlines processing of all your invoices from receipt to payment – speak automation to us.