The pandemic has led to many changes in the world, not least of all the accelerated uptake of a wide range of technology. As an article for ICAEW recently noted, having a robust digital strategy is now a must for any business.

However, the term digital covers a multitude of elements, so what should you prioritise? Writing for the organisation, head of digital transformation at Moore Kingston Smith Becky Shields explained that effective scenario planning should be near the top of the list.

The best place to begin with this kind of scenario planning, especially in today’s uncertain and ever evolving world, is to identify what you believe will be the two biggest disruptors in your industry, Ms Shields explained.

Once you have chosen the two disruptors you want to explore in greater detail, you can carry out your scenario planning, making sure to consider the digital and IT elements that will be required to help you navigate such a situation.

“Digital strategies can be game-changing if applied to the correct scenarios and make the difference between success and failure,” Ms Shields asserted.

However, she stressed the importance of not only looking at your internal data but also of looking at what your competitors are doing when you are considering the options and what might be most appropriate for your business.

Covid-19 has undoubtedly been a significant disruptor for many companies and business continuity in the face of such a wholesale change in the way we live and work is likely to be top of mind.

In particular, focusing on business continuity in this age of remote working could serve your business well, as we recently pointed out.

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