A recent article in CloudPro UK reports that three-quarters of people over the age of 45 are keen to learn new digital skills. According to a survey carried out by Microsoft, 44% of the over 45 age group are interested in pursuing a new career, and 23% of them would consider working in the IT sector.

73% of this group are willing to re-train, but the majority (60%) do not know what resources are available to them. Most respondents were concerned to boost their long-term job prospects in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but some were also concerned about their lack of knowledge around cyber-security.

The tech industry is a fast-expanding sector and most of its recruitment schemes have not been badly affected by the lockdown. In fact, there has been an increased demand for IT strategy companies as firms have had to adjust to remote working.  Microsoft is keen to dispel the stereotype that tech is a career choice only for the younger generation.

Simon Lambert, Microsoft’s chief learning officer, commented: “There has never been a greater need for individuals to invest time in upskilling and developing their digital skills.”

“There is a dangerous misconception that the tech industry is just an industry for the young. The truth is that we need people with a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds and ages. And we need them now to fill the growing skills gap which, left unplugged, will significantly impact the UK’s recovery.”

Sites such as Microsoft’s Digital Skills Hub and Google’s Digital Garage offer a broad range of free online learning courses. Users can learn in-demand skills at their own pace, and work towards gaining a certificate. The courses have been designed by leading industry experts and are full of up-to-the-minute resources.

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