An important part of running a business these days is ensuring you implement the right technology in order to drive transformational change – and for the majority of companies around the world, it seems that this now means making the move to the cloud.

New research from Equinix has found that 71 per cent of organisations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa plan to move more of their operations to the cloud in the future, despite the fact that 70 per cent do still perceive that there are cybersecurity risks involved with cloud adoption.

As a result, of those asked 45 per cent say that they’re now focusing on improving cybersecurity at work as their biggest IT priority.

In the UK, 67 per cent of businesses believe that cybersecurity risks and breaches will be the biggest factor having an impact on their company in the near future, with 31 per cent saying that cloud service providers are the kind of business their firm is most likely to connect with.

In order to remain both competitive and secure, organisations were advised to look to multiple cloud service providers when building their digital infrastructure strategy. But just 17 per cent of those surveyed said they’re currently using multi-cloud architecture.

Selecting and implementing the appropriate cloud-based systems can help you run your company across your marketing, sales, operations and finance departments. Looking into cloud application integration can help ensure that key information flows seamlessly across different cloud systems and silos.

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