Given the fines that now accompany hacking incidents and data breaches, prioritising cyber security is a must for all businesses, big and small – but it seems that many appear to be neglecting their responsibilities in this regard, with 23 per cent of company desktops lacking the appropriate security software.

This is according to new research from Kaspersky, reported on by ITPro, revealing that company laptops seem to be better protected, with 83 per cent of devices equipped with the right kind of software.

And don’t forget about business smartphones, either. The study also revealed that out of the 20 per cent of staff members with a company-issued phone, 23 per cent didn’t have the proper software installed.

Principal security researcher with Kaspersky David Emm explained that devices are at the greatest risk when used away from the office, adding: “Therefore, it’s troubling to discover that nearly a quarter of corporate computers and smartphones lack antivirus software, leaving them potentially vulnerable to attack. 

“It’s important that all businesses pre-install staff computers and devices with security software to ensure they are protected at all times.”

Further Kaspersky research has also revealed that, when working remotely, employees typically overestimate their level of knowledge of cybersecurity basics. As such, it would be a wise move for businesses to also focus on training programmes that put security at the heart of all operations, whether in-house or conducted remotely.

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