IT Strategy and Services to Power your Business Growth

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Adopt the right cloud based systems to deliver transformative change.

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Depend on us to run a reliable IT platform, keep you productive and underpin your growth.

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Transform your business with integrated cloud apps. Streamline processes from lead to invoice.
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Simple, reliable and robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero integration.
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Cloud first, mobile ready

Moving your business to the cloud transforms the way you collaborate with customers, suppliers and one another. Anywhere, any device access to systems dramatically improves your team’s productivity.

By combining IT Strategy, Engineering, DevOps, Integration and Development skills, Stellarise deliver solutions that revolutionise your business growth potential.

“We depend on Stellarise completely for all our IT support. That includes lower level activities with user problems, but also for the strategic development of our infrastructure; really making sure that everything is appropriate to the growing needs of the business.” Simon Norris

Co-founder, Periscopix

“We are at the stage where we can now say – let’s do exactly what we did last time. IT isn’t a big discussion point – we are confident that Stellarise are able to manage the system once it’s been installed. The overall management and scalability that they have brought to us means adding anything new is marginal work – when before it would have been much more involved. It has really simplified our expansion.” Luke Parsons

System Ops Manager, Work.Life

“The absolute key attribute is that Stellarise bring a can-do attitude. They always find a solution . The cost savings are very important to us, but the real benefit is much greater than that; it’s the ‘can do’ rather than the ‘can’t do’ attitude. For us, this has been very important – it’s enabled us to be able to scale our platform. We can use technology to manage what we do far more efficiently and reach the goals we want to.” Patsy Watson

CFO, Stenprop


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